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Discover Blaxy, the resort which redefines the beauty of spring holidays at the Black Sea. We invite you to join us in this nice trip.

You have 3 options to choose BLAXY

Tourist, owner or investor


As a tourist, simply book your summer holiday to Blaxy. For you, Blaxy is a resort. The largest in Romania!

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As an owner, you pay in advance 5 to 7 holidays and get your vacation home in Blaxy for life. For you, Blaxy Premium Resort is a residential complex with many amenities.

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As an investor, buy one or more “regular properties” and earn money by renting them. You can also earn from their resale. For you, Blaxy is a source of income.

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Antalya moved to Romania

“We wanted the tourists that have so far spent their summer holidays in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria to find a true resort in their own country. That’s how Blaxy was born!

Blaxy is built upon the system of the most successful resorts in Antalya.
It’s a small town, a mini-resort where you can relax and have fun with family, children, friends.

We are waiting for you to come to the sea, at Blaxy!”

Liliana Filip, General Manager

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